Want more relatable?

Want more relatable?


this lion really got eyelashes

this lion is prettier than i am


New Zealand—Today, at 11am Dr Ingrid Visser received a call from Bob Brook that he and his crew had found an orca entangled in a cray pot line. He remained with the orca for the two hours it took for Steve Hathaway, Dan Godoy and Ingrid to arrive on the scene. Keeping the orca afloat were other members of its pod, including its presumed calf. Ingrid has identified the orca as Dian, named after the famous gorilla researcher, Dian Fossey. Dian the orca was entangled in a line approximately 40 m long, attached to a ‘pot’ used for catching crayfish. The pot was weighted with concrete blocks of about 35 kg (77 lbs). Dian remained calm during the disentanglement and she was successfully released and followed for a number of kilometres afterwards, to ensure that she was ok and remained with the other orca. Thank you to everyone who helped save her and good luck out there Dian! • Photo and caption: Orca Research Trust (Facebook)